A number of clients have enlisted the services of Blue Lens Innovation to help them turn their Concept into Reality. Obviously, we cannot go into the details of each project but we can give you a brief summary of what we have been up to.


Blue Lens Innovation is an authorised partner of the eyeLock® Iris Authentication Technology suite. We are working with international companies to incorporate the latest in biometric authentication technology into new and existing security systems.


Blue Lens Innovation is the lead development partner in creating a new form of wearable tech in one of the worlds fastest growing industry. This industry has an estimated economic impact of over $100 Billion dollars for 2017 worldwide.

Blue Lens is an authorised reseller of Atheer’s AiR Suite Augmented Reality technology. AiR Suite enables workers to receive, transmit, and act upon the visual information without interrupting workflows, keeping them focused on the task at hand. This technology is currently used in many industries (aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, service and construction), however it can be adapted to suit the needs of any other industry.


Blue Lens Innovation is the lead development partner in an innovative sport training system, incorporating the latest microelectronics and wearable technology to give athletes and sporting teams an edge over their competitors. By combining data science and internet of things, coaches and athletes can fine tune their training regime to extract the full performance of each individual.


Blue Lens Innovation is providing design inputs to an international Oil & Gas company on an innovations project that has the potential to revolutionise operating expenses.


In collaboration with Uniquest, Blue Lens Innovation is leading commercialisation efforts to bring new and disruptive water treatment technologies to Queensland and the Australian market.